What’s In My Bag – Date Night Edition

Ah, the beloved date night. It’s full of anticipation, excitement, nerves, and hopefulness for the infamous happily-ever-after. (Yes, infamous is used intentionally there).

I’ve been married for a little over a year, but it feels like so much longer (in a good way) because my husband and I packed what usually takes years and years worth of experiences into one tiny year. We did a total career change, a move across the country, a new addition to the family (puppy), two more job changes, and to finish it all off, another move back across the country. Whew, sigh, gulp, gag, wheeze, violent gasp for air.

All this to say, date nights are fewer and more far in between than we’d like nowadays, but it has led us to seeing them as much more of a special treat. Our favorite dates usually involve driving somewhere for a few hours, we love the exploration and seeing new places, then we sightsee, whether that be walking through the town and shopping, hiking, or going to the beach, then we end the day with dinner and go back home. Oh, and we always find at least two Coffee shops (my absolute fav), and hopefully a juice bar! I also die for finding cool health food stores so I can actually eat something good and not have to worry about a stomach ache later. #stomachsosensitive

Anyways, let’s dive right into that bag. My favorite date night handbag is currently my lil baby Tory, as I call her. She’s cute af, convenient as it gets, just sturdy and hardy enough to not have to worry about her and she’s got sentimental value too. (I bought her for myself because I felt like I deserved it and you know what, I love myself and what’s better than a true treat yo self moment!?)

So in the bag you will find, my wallet, which is this cute little thing that has one of those RFID blockers so that no one can steal my credit card or whatever. I have always been a leather, zip wallet girl, but when I got this wallet (as a gift from my Grandpa-AWW!), I became a total convert. It’s so easy to use, you just snap it open and closed and it’s got room for all your most important cards, it’s super lightweight, and just as easy as it gets.

Next up is this super cute little bag of essentials. I got it from Target in the dollar aisle (aka HEAVEN ON EARTH SECTION, aka my addiction of all addictions). I think it was like $3, I don’t think it’s still there but you can find these types of bags on Amazon for sure, and I think Sephora might have one from time to time. I love it because it packs all the little essentials you might need in an emergency and it’s all in this convenient little package. It’s got bobby pins, nail polish removing wipes, a clear nail polish, a little sewing kit complete with buttons, safety pins, six different colored threads and a sewing needle, a regular nail file, and one of those 4-sided nail files that have polishing sides, buffing and file sides. It did come with six bobby pins, but I definitely already lost three. Oops.

My next necessities for date night are the makeup. First and foremost of importance for me is my powder and powder brush. I am an oily combo skinned girl, so I need a powder that can do it all. It’s got to mask and blot oil, but it also has to be gentle enough to not settle into lines and dry patches. Usually somewhere throughout the date night (well date days usually), my makeup will start separating, especially if we are doing something outdoors, so I have to not only blot the excess oil, but I’ve also got to fix the makeup separation and dry areas. Thankfully, I found a powerhouse of a powder, it’s my date night MUST HAVE, my Holiest of Holy Grails: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. It is to die for. You guys. Ugh, my heart is literally throbbing with love as I write this. It’s so beautiful, it’s so perfect, it will do it all and do it in the most beautiful way possible. Not only does it get rid of oil without being cakey whatsoever, it also blurs pores and texture, it’s like the most beautiful finishing powder you’ve ever seen. It’s expensive, I will lay that out right away, but baby, it’s dangerously worth it. You skin will never look better, like your jaw will drop and smash to the floor after you see your skin with Veil.

This powder is incredible when it comes to fixing any makeup separation, whether it’s foundation or concealer! Also, if you makeup is settling into fine lines, Veil will be your new BFF. It’s the best for correcting fine line settlers, THE BEST. It’s also super great for smoothing over texture, including zits, which are notoriously painful to cover and disguise. I also use it on my eyelids if I see my eyeshadow start to do the ole slip and slide, and I’ve never found a powder that can work so beautifully for this. Other powders either lay too heavily and powdery on my lids or they tend to work against the eyeshadow slipping by wiping it off entirely. Veil, on the other hand, it’s so lightweight and translucent, you will never know it’s on, truly. It’s just magical you guys. Please get it in your life so you can once and for all live your best. (Or at least, your skins best).

I keep the travel size for my purse because, duh, it’s small and fits well. Also, it’s cheaper (the real reason). I Use this little Real Techniques setting brush with it, it’s super soft and the size is perfect for touch ups, even for eyelids!

Next up: the lips. My lips are extra as it gets and demand 24/7, full attention care. If you don’t baby them and give them constant attention and praise, they will throw an absolute b*tch fit. My lips reject nearly all chapsticks, and most heavier balms/masks. They will only accept the best of the best when it comes to their precious moisture needs. Currently, they demand Lanolips Banana Balm on tap. I freaking love this stuff, like it’s right up there with my all-time favorite lip product, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. It’s just so ultra-moisturizing and it doesn’t have fragrances, parabens, petrolatum or mineral oils. It gives a nice, but minimal shine, which is perfect for using it under lip gloss or even using a light layer of it under lipsticks. Also, it lasts so well on me. If I am using a chapstick, even my favorite ones, I’ll have to keep reapplying it every 30ish minutes. A super good lip mask, I can get away with reapplying every few hours. Lanolips Banana Balm, I can seriously apply it and not need to reapply for like five-six hours. That’s incredible for me. Like, dude, I think the only other product that can do that for me is Agave and while I die for Agave, it’s really shiny, so it’s not the best for using under a lip color (unless you wipe it off before you put your color on).

Datenight also calls for Lipstick and Gloss, of course. I know some people say guys don’t like glossy lips cause it gets in the way of kissing, but I say, any guy who can’t brave some gloss for a kiss, is no guy worth having. Besides what’s hotter than coming up for air after a makeout sesh to find both your faces absolutely SMEARED in a mess of gloss and lipstick?! My goal at the end of kissing is to always end up looking like a messy clown who applied his lipstick in the dark, drunk.

But for real, I wear lipstick and gloss for me, I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion, even my date’s and if a date ever had an issue with how I wore my makeup, clothes, hair, you better believe I left them at the door. And I actually kinda do think it’s a little hot to be messy with it after a makeout. Who cares if it’s sloppy, that’s what compact mirrors and touch-ups are for.

Hourglass L'OREAL Dior

My current lipstick fav is the L’OREAL Colour Riche in 800 Matte-Carbon. It’s just everything that a lipstick should be, long lasting, moisturizing, great color payoff, no settling into lines, no wandering outside the lip line, looks incredible alone or layered with gloss and it’s at a great drugstore price point. It just doesn’t get better.

I’ve been dying over my newest favorite in gloss. I cannot stop applying it you guys. It’s problematic. It’s Dior’s Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss in Rosewood and it is un-freaking-real. I want to say it’s an all-time favorite, definitely a Top Shelf, Holy Grail and as of yet, I can’t think of a gloss that I like better. I love, love, love this Gloss. I don’t even know where to begin with it. It’s moisturizing, as in, seriously, for real moisturizer. You can wear it alone, without putting a balm down first. It’s that moisturizing, which for me is unheard of with glosses. It smells like heaven. The perfect blend of fresh peppermint with like vanilla bean ice cream type of scent. It’s just beautiful. I honestly would apply it just for the smell alone. I wish they would make the scent into a candle or perfume even, although I might be heavily tempted to eat said candle. The color is so, so, so amazing. It’s a soft, perfect, shimmery glitter. It’s just the right amount of shine and shimmer to perfectly reflect light and make your lips look instantly fuller and shiner. It does this in a soft and almost natural-looking way though, it’s not garish or gaudy at all, something that so many glittery glosses unfortunately are. It’s perfect on its own, over a balm or over a lipstick. Please, please, please give this gloss a try. Your lips will love you for it and I promise, you will be absolutely dripping in compliments. The tube is also super pretty so it’s perfect for reapplying in public, it honestly feels almost like a pretty little accessory, and you will love pulling it out to luxuriously reapply your gloss.

Last but never least, the brow pencil. So important to have during a date night, or really, anytime ever. I feel like brows make the biggest difference in your look. Properly shaped brows can literally change your face for the better (or the worst). They frame up the eyes and the rest of your look and can be the best and quickest way to get a big impact on your look. My favorite brow pencil lately has been Precisely, My Brow Pencil by Benefit. I love it because of how incredibly easy it is to apply, getting my brows done has never been easier or quicker than with Precisely, My Brow. It’s just the right amount of pigmentation and waxiness, I find it’s a little less waxy and heavy than Anastasia, which is probably why it’s easier to apply than ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills). It also is super easy to use for a more natural-looking brow, which I definitely go on date nights. I find that ABH Brow Whiz is better for a more snatched, dare I say, heavier brow. So if you’re looking for the best, most easiest and quickest to apply brow product, you have got to get some Precisely, My Brow in your life stat.

Benefit Brow

And that’s it folks. This purse is small, yet mighty so it fits only the essentials.

I do want to end this piece with a silly story though, since we are on the subject of dates, and I just so happen to have a gem of a date story. It isn’t what you think though, it’s not a date-gone-wrong story, it’s a Grandma’s advice is terrible story. So here goes.

When I was just starting to date, my Grandma took it upon herself to lay down some relationship advice circa the 1950s. She said it’s vitally important to not let your date see you eat too much. (Why on freaking earth?! What’s up 1950s, can’t relate)!!! So she said the number one rule is to eat BEFORE the date, but make sure you brush your teeth as to not let on any possible hint that you have been eating previously. Then, be sure to take a jacket so you can hide rolls or bread in the pockets, that way, during the date you can go to the bathroom and sneak a roll in so you don’t have to eat the rolls at the table. (WHAT THE ACTUAL!?)!!!!

If you can’t wear a jacket, take a big purse with a zipper and sneak rolls in it, then take this to the bathroom to eat your rolls. (For real, were the women’s restrooms all filled with girls stuffing rolls in their mouths during the 50s?!)

Also, it’s super important to only ever order a salad during a date and it’s of equal important to take super small bites. But I mean, I didn’t even need to mention that, it just goes without being said that your date would never see you put a healthy amount of food in your mouth. Heaven forbid.

So sorry (not sorry) Grandma and all roll-sneaking women of the 50s, my last date night consisted of BBQ where I so hastily and enthusiastically scarfed ribs that I literally almost choked. And guess what, my husband and I are somehow not divorced over it, in fact, he thought it was funny and cute and guess the f*%$CK what?! That’s exactly why I married him. #liveyourdamnlife #sneakrollssuck #smallbitesareforlosers

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