Wet N Wild’s New Stick Foundation is Natural Skin Nirvana

The Intro

If you love a natural skin look, (i.e. your skin but better) and you die for a natural looking glow with just a hint of perfected dewiness, it’s your lucky day. Wet N Wild has served up a natural skin dream in their new PhotoFocus Stick Foundation. ($5.99) I love stick foundations because of their ease, nothing is quicker than swiping your foundation on (and then blending of course, duh). But, but, but, it’s so dang hard to find a foundation that does it right. I honestly was not surprised that Wet N Wild did it though because they so often throw out heavy hitters and baby, I am here for that. A real winner for under $10 and often, under $5? Sign me the F&^K UP.

The Down and Dirty on a Stick Foundation That Just Might be Your New Best Friend

Let me introduce you to Wet N Wild’s newest blessing they have bestowed unto us: Profilter Stick Foundation. I found this in my local CVS one happy day. Well, it actually wasn’t a happy day if I’m honest, hence being at CVS looking for makeup. Cosmetics shopping is my fail-safe, it can bring me out of the worst mood, out of the depths of any despair and true enough, finding this foundation set my mood right and turned my frown upside down and into a much too gleeful smile. I wondered if it would be a competitor for some of my other more high-end stick foundation favorites (looking at you Hourglass Vanish Stick *cue long happy, blissful sigh*). Since it was stick form I somehow went in thinking it would be full coverage and super matte, and like they teach you in high school, don’t assume shit cause it makes you into an ass or whatever.

Anyways, this assumption threw me. I put it on and noticed right away that it wasn’t full coverage and I was like, what the heckity…I was immediately disappointed and was sure that in the next few hours I’d suffer a great disappointment. I drew a nervous and annoyed breath and rolled my eyes and set about my day. When I test a new foundation I like to put it through a gauntlet of different conditions to see how it performs, so this day I put it through a coffee run, a dog walk, and shopping for groceries which proved to be more stressful and hectic than it should have been. (Sidebar: why is going to Trader Joes the new Black Friday? It’s like everyone is out to get you and only the strongest and most quick-witted will survive and get out alive, thank god their wine is cheap because I straight NEEDED a ridiculous amount after that experience). So what else did my foundation get to experience, let’s see…after getting home and hurriedly downing a glass (read: bottle) of wine and crying in the bathtub fully clothed and moving my therapy session up. I then watched some Youtube, felt better and went for another walk with my sister and our doggos. Nothing better than evening walks and delicious gossip, the only thing that could have topped it off was my sweet husband picking me up afterwards and taking me out for Chick-fil-A. I know they are controversial but that chicken…it gets me more often than it should.

So anyyyyyyways, I get home and observe the foundation on my face, it’s funny because I had totally forgotten about it and I had to remind myself to even check it. Which, is nice because that means that it didn’t have that ever so familiar foundation tackiness feel, nor did it feel overly greasy…major win. So I check out my skin, not knowing what to expect…

My reflection in the mirror was a pleasant surprise indeed, looking back at me was skin that looked, in a word, great. Natural, like my skin, but better. It had a soft, hint of dewy glow, a subtle blur to my usual imperfections and a light coverage that blended seamlessly into my skin. Yup, that’s right. There wasn’t a hint of it sinking into my pores, NONE of it. It also didn’t enlarge my pores or crease at all, can I get a hell yeah?

It’s funny because as I looked in the mirror I realized that it looked even better than when I first put it on too, which is pretty unheard of. So if you’ve been looking for a foundation that will give you light coverage and a beautiful, your skin but better effect, you gotta try PhotoFocus Stick Foundation by Wet N Wild. And for that price point, you seriously can’t not.

The Breakdown

Photofocus is a stick form so if you’re new to this, expect to work a little extra hard on your blending, more in Tips & Tricks, but it’s worth it if you’re going for this type of lewk. (Simple and natural with a hint of coverage). I’ll be real, there are some down-sides to it, but that price point though, I’ll def swap out beautiful packaging for fewer dollars leaving my wallet. And like I said, it’s light coverage, so if you’re a full coverage kinda person, you wanna walk another way baybay.

The Scoring 7/10

Okay, I know I do this a lot but hang with me while I complain yet again about the scoring being difficult on this one. It’s tough because if I grade based on the claims it makes or the assumptions of stick foundations in general, that of being full coverage namely, then, well, it just doesn’t cut it. But if you are looking for something that gives you super pretty skin with minimal coverage, at a price point that your bank account will love, then it’s a total all-star. So if I’m honest here, my score for full coverage is like a 2…leaning towards a 1. But, if you’re ok with less coverage, then it’s beautiful. But the reason I’m not giving it any higher than a 7 is because nowadays I expect a lot from my foundations, I mean there are just so many greats out there it’s really hard to compete for perfect 10s and higher scores. Even though it gives a beautiful look to the skin, I don’t like that it’s not buildable, I mean I feel like it should be offer at least a medium coverage if it’s going to call itself a foundation…otherwise, then it at least needs to explicitly say that it’s light coverage! Or call itself what it really is, a tinted moisturizer…which this also can’t do since it doesn’t boast super skin-nourishing benefits. The area where it does redeam itself though is that absolutely godly price point. I live for it. One thing that I really love is the fact that since it’s so cost effective, I could buy several shades which is super helpful for when I say, am tanning and not tanning (being erratic and lazy with my self-tan schedule). I wish it had more coverage because I love contouring with my foundations, but the coverage just isn’t there.

The Pros and Cons


  1. It does not settle into or enlargify your pores. Cannot say how much I love that. Nothing worse than finding out that your foundation has settled into your pores, it’s just such a gross and annoying this, completely defeating the purpose of foundation altogether.
  2. It makes your skin look beautiful in a supernatural, not wearing foundation type of way.
  3. It has a very subtle dewiness, without being too shiny look. This says a lot coming from a super oily gal.
  4. Blurring effect: it’ll give a nice blur over your imperfections, so even though it doesn’t have the full coverage to mask them, it will help minimize any and make your skin look smooth and radiant.
  5. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, crack or crease.


  1. There’s one major con and by now you know exactly what that is coverage. It’s very minimal. If you buy this go in knowing that you’ll get light coverage. If you try to build it up to medium, it’ll start looking cakey right away and no matter how much you layer, it still won’t give good coverage.
  2. It’s kinda hard to blend. You gotta work fast and you gotta work right. I could not make it work with a brush or fingers, damp beauty blender was the only way it happened for me. I’ll out deets on how to make it work in the tips section below.
  3. Cheap packaging. I mean for the price point, we expect that though and we’re A OKAY with it. I would totally trade out nice, fancy packaging for a lower price any damn day of the week.

Tips & Tricks

  1. As promised, here’s how to blend it upright. Step one, swipe a smallish swipe of the product on, then quickly a few more swipes until you have about a cheek sized area mostly covered. Step two, get your predamped beauty blender and start bouncing it rappildy over the swipes. Bounce, don’t actually do any dragging blend type motions. You’re going to want to bounce a bit faster and harder than you usually probably do here. Once you have a nice even blend over the area, it’s time to pick a new spot about start the process over again.
  2. When blending the foundation in, you want to let it settle in for a few seconds before you start blending, I’d say about 20-30, which is usually right about the time you get done swiping small swipes over a section of the face so it times out perfectly. If you’re racing to swipe it on and do that in like under 5 seconds, then simply count to 20 or 30 before you blend with the beauty blender.
  3. Powder to set right away. As soon as you finish blending it out and in, set, baby, set. Any powder will probably do, just grab whatever your current favorite is. You don’t need a lot at all and since if you’re using this foundation I’m going to assume you want a natural look, so you’re going in light handed with the powder anyways.
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