Is it Worth it? Climax Mascara by Nars

Mascara changes everything. It makes your makeup look complete. It makes your eyes pop and stand out. It’s alluring, beautiful and sexy. When I first tried Nar’s new mascara, I thought I was about to get another mediocre mascara that couldn’t compete with my current loves. However, I was surprised when I discovered that it’s actually beautiful in an extraordinarily unexpected way.

Usually, when I apply mascara I am thinking of the basics, I want it to make my lashes longer, fuller and curled. (And I want it to do all of that without clumping, flaking, smudging or looking crispy, of course). Sometimes there’s a look I’m going for, like I want it to look natural like I don’t even have mascara on.

Other times, I want the mascara to stand out and make my eyes look huge and doll-like and dramatic. Other times it’s something in-between. When I tried Climax, it definitely gave my lashes more length and fullness, but it had another surprising effect, as in I hadn’t experienced it before with any other mascara -The Climax. (Kidding, had to).

Climax has an undeniable look. It’s a romantic and sultry look. It’s hard to describe, but it just makes your eyes look freaking sexy as hell. It’s called Climax and guess what? It’s the perfect mascara for the bedroom. You know what I mean, I’m implying everything.

I’m going to try to describe how it does look this sexy, but since I can’t even quite put my finger on what exactly about it makes it so sultry and romantic, bear with me as I describe the general look.

Climax makes your lashes look really full at the base, making it look like you have eyeliner even if you don’t. It also does not clump, but it does make your lashes stick together in groups, just a little bit, and it has the sexiest result of fuller lashes. Just beautiful. It’s definitely not a natural-looking mascara, as in you will definitely be able to tell you have mascara on, but who cares if you do anyways?

It looks incredible. And as I said, it does not look clumpy or crispy at all. Climax also looks insane on the lower lashes, it gives just the right amount of fullness and length, without being too faint or spidery. I adore it for lower lashes. To summarize, Climax is the perfect mascara for a date night and anything else involving that type of event. It looks beautifully sexy and has this alluring, sultry look. I feel like everyone should have it, for those times when you just want to look, well, no polite way to say this, for when you want to look bedroom-ready.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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