The Tropical Focus Shot That Will Have You Ditching Your Espresso Habit

I am a total coffee addict so when I saw that Four Sigmatic came out with a Mushroom Focus shot that promised all the focus coffee could give by using the powers of mushrooms and only 40gm of caffeine, I had to try it.

I mean, I also had to try it because it’s a new Four Sigmatic product and I am a devout disciple of Four Sigmatic. Their products are as delicious as they are good for you.
The focus shots are full of superfoods to give you an energy and focus boost naturally. They say you can use one bottle for an entire day’s worth of focus by drinking one half in the morning and the other in the latter portion of the day. Or, if you need to be really super focused for a shorter period, drink the full bottle.

I have done both, and I’ve found that I prefer drinking it all at once. It definitely gives a great kick of focus for a couple of hours. For me, when I was drinking it twice a day for sustained focus, I was definitely feeling the need for coffee as well.

I would definitely compare the energy level you get to what you could expect after drinking a shot of strong espresso. It’s definitely noticeable, almost right away. The beautiful thing that makes me prefer it over coffee is the focus level. Coffee does give me a ton of energy, but it’s up to me to harness said energy and channel it into focused productivity. The focus shot also provided all the energy of coffee with none of the usual jitters or anxiety that is often a part of drinking coffee.

As for the taste, it’s okay. Focus shot is not one of Four Sigmatic’s better-tasting products, that is for sure, but it’s not bad. It’s definitely fruity, and you can taste the tropical fruits right away, but it’s a little bitter as well. The thing is, it’s a small shot. You can down it in a couple of gulps so even if the taste bothers you, it’ll be over in a second. And you know what else doesn’t taste super great alone, espresso. Let’s be real, would any of us really be drinking coffee in excess for the taste alone?

Now let’s get into the ingredients of this super-powered shot.

The Goods and Their Main Benefits

Lion’s Mane – focus and productivity
Rhodiola – cognitive function
40mg of caffeine from guayusa – energy (equal to about a cup of green tea)
Vitamin B12 – energy and focus
Pineapple, lime, salt & stevia – taste and sweetness

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