The Summer Drink That’s as Healthy as it is Amazingly Delicious

Summer is here and the heat is rearing its ugly head. This means one thing, it’s time for hydration. Not figuratively, like literally, get up and go get yourself a glass of water. Do it now. I’ll wait.

Hydration is my name and electrolytes are my game. I am notoriously prone to heat sickness and exhaustion, in fact, there hasn’t been a summer that I can remember where I didn’t end up doubled over in pain and nausea, and a painful array of stomach “issues” that eventually led to passing out. Lucky me.

I dreaded summers much in the way children would dread going back to school. It was the time where I would be most miserable and on especially hot days, I would be almost guaranteed to be ill. So fun.

In College, I had a particularly embarrassing bout of heat sickness that took place at my summer job, in front of my bosses, coworkers, and that cute guy I had my eye on. Of course. I finally had enough, I practically banged down the door of my Doctor and demanded answers. Why was I constantly sick during the summer, even when I was always hydrating responsibly? It didn’t make any sense.

This turned into one of those processes, you know how it goes with Doctors. Questions, answers, more questions, tests, trials, more Q’s, some A’s. Eventually, I learned that among other things going wrong health-wise, my body has an issue regulating heat and one thing that could make a huge impact was making sure I was not only hydrating but also loading up on electrolytes.

Boy, was this ever a life changer. I am now absolutely religious with my electrolytes. I start each day with a glass of water with an electrolyte tablet. I always have spare electrolytes in every purse and the cars, and I absolutely will not go on any type of physical excursion without a water bottle full of an electrolyte drink. It really has impacted my life in such a great way, I no longer fear summer, that’s huge for me.

In my journey towards health, I found that sugar does not agree with my body, like at all. In fact, I’m proud to say that it’s been a full year since I’ve had sugar (except for the accidental intake here and there). Now I am sure to use a healthier (for me) sugar alternatives such as monk fruit, or erythritol. This explanation for the sugar ban leads back into the electrolyte discussion because as I dropped sugar, I also had to let go of my usual electrolytes as well. Many of them have sugar as an ingredient. So after trying just about all of the sugar-free electrolytes out there, here are my absolute favorites. They are my ride or die. (Just about literally because I could die from heatstroke without them #dramatic).

Tastiest Sugar-Free Electrolytes Ever


I freaking live for these babies. Even if I didn’t need them for the electrolytes, I’d still drink them daily because they taste incredible. There are so many flavors as well, so there’s sure to be one you’ll love. My current favorites are the Tri-Berry, the Strawberry Lemonade, and the Tangerine Lime.

As you can imagine after going sugar-free, I really missed not being able to have fruit juices and other delicious drinks like lemonade and sports drinks, so I was beyond happy to finally find Nuun. For real, I think their drinks are better tasting than the sugary stuff anyways, and they make you feel incredible too.

I will always say to consult your doctor before adding anything health-related into your life, this is just my experience, but if you suffer from heat sickness, or just are interested in an overall health-boost, ask the Doc about adding electrolytes into your life. I’m forever glad that I did.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

I am a USC grad with a passion for beauty, health and science. I reside in beautiful California with my husband and puppy (@sebastian.thecavalierking).

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