Why You Should Seriously Consider Adding a Thermal Spring Water to Your Skincare Routine

If you want to take your skincare routine to the next level of sophistication and relaxation you need La Roche-Posay’s Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water. Actually, if you just want to add a refresh to your entire life, you need a spring water spray. You get it not because it’s a necessity, but because you want to treat yourself to something special that will make you feel pampered. And guess what, nothing is wrong with that. You work hard all day, you deserve a little treat here and there. It’s like taking a vacation or a spa day, do we do it because it’s absolutely necessary? Of course not. Life would go on without those special things, but it would do so grudgingly.

A dull life might as well be no life. You’ve got to add some color and vibrancy and fun to make things like all the hard work at your job worth it, right? You betcha.

Some people might look at something like a Thermal Spring Water spray as an overindulgent luxury and you know what I say to them? Check that attitude and don’t bring it anywhere near me.

I live for the little extra things in life that make it fun and colorful and worth waking up early for.

This Spring Water spray is a treat for your face. It’s fun. It’s relaxing as heck too. Have you ever splashed your face with cool water? It feels so nice right, like a refreshing reset to your day. I don’t use this spray because I need it to live, I use it because it makes life fuller. It may be small and some could call it insignificant, but to me it’s special. I give myself a spritz and just feel so much better. And as a person who suffers from some pretty fun anxiety, stress and health issues, yeah, this little spray is so worth it to me. If something so small as a spritz of water can make me feel calmer and soothed, it’s beyond worth it.

And guess the heck what? It’s good for you too. Wham bam, thank you, ma’am. I’ll take 10. The Spring Water is sourced right in France, in La Roche-Posay where the water is rich in natural minerals that have both soothing and antioxidant properties, including selenium which is a natural source of super-powerful antioxidants. I feel like it can make your skincare routine more effective too when you layer it with moisturizers that lock-in and absorb water. I honestly would use it regardless of the benefits just for the refresh and relaxation it gives.

This Spring Water spray also really makes your skincare routine feel luxurious and fun, which can, in turn, make you more likely to not skip over a skincare sesh. I for one am super motivated by fun things and basically need little treats of various kinds to get anything done. (Yes, I was that kid in college who put candies on each page of the textbook as an incentive to read them). So the next time you want to treat yourself with something that is relaxing, refreshing and luxurious, try this Spring Water Spray and spritz yourself into a state of bliss.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

I am a USC grad with a passion for beauty, health and science. I reside in beautiful California with my husband and puppy (@sebastian.thecavalierking).

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