This is Hands Down The Most Mattifying SPF Out There

If you are looking for an ultra-mattifying SPF, congratulations, your search is over. Let me introduce you to the sunscreen that will fulfil all your matte dreams. It’s Anthelios Anti Shine SPF 50+ by La Roche-Posay. For real guys, this SPF will change your life if you struggle with oily skin. It’s even more mattifying than most mattifying primers and foundations, so much so that I use it at times just for the mattification alone.

la roche posay sunscreen

I can definitely attest to how incredible it is because as I’ve shared in earlier posts, I have ridiculously oily skin. Like imagine the oiliest skin you can think of, now double it, that’s me. Half of the time it looks like I just submerged my entire face in a big bowl of straight olive oil. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but it sure feels that way at times). You can imagine how difficult SPF has been for me.

On the one hand, SPF is the most crucial part of skincare and staying skin-cancer free. On the other hand, SPF is notorious for making oily skin even greasier. So you do go with healthy, protected skin that’s a total greaseball, or skip the SPF and stay matte? Thankfully, I don’t have to choose. Anthelios XL Antishine SPF 50+ changed everything. I can have the most mattified skin ever and have that killer SPF 50 level of protection. I love this sunscreen so freaking much. It is without a doubt, the most mattifying SPF I have ever tried, and I’d also go so far as to say it’s one of the most mattifying products I’ve ever tried. That’s right people. I use this SPF for times when I’m not even going to be exposed to the sun, and I just want the mattification. Like at night. It’s that good.

There is only one downside, and it’s a biggie. It’s not available in the US. It’s got new SPF technology that is only approved in the UK so you will have to go through some hoops to get your hands on it. You’ll have to work with a UK Parcel company where you can buy from the UK. Then they give you an address to have it shipped to a UK mailbox. Then they forward it to you in the US. It’s a pain, but so worth it if you have oily skin!

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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