Review: Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea Sensitive Skin Formula – Natural Deodorant

Yep, that’s right. We’re going to talk about deodorant. So I grew up with a super hippie wellness queen for a mom and you better believe I never was allowed to get anywhere near a deodorant with aluminum. I grew up using Tom’s and while it might work great for some people, it was not kind to me, especially in my teen years of all that extra hormonal sweat.

Back then, it didn’t have the best scent too. Yikes. So yeah, it’s fair to say that I was slightly scarred and it’s taken all of about 15 years to get me to venture back into the natural deodorant game. The reason I got back in is because my sister got a nasty rash from using one of those “extra strong” sweat blocking deodorants and then she went down to a natural one for most days (unless she had something important come up where she did not need to be worried about excess sweat). Pretty much as soon as she switched, the rash was gone. Luckily I’ve never gotten a rash, but I’ve never tried a super strong deodorant either. But after my sister’s ordeal, it got me thinking (and googling the dangers of aluminum and let’s just say it’s pretty freaking scary how bad that can be). So I decided, hey. I don’t need a super strong deodorant every day of the week and I made an agreement with myself, if I could find a decent natural deodorant then I would wear it on the days when I don’t have anything important enough to be sweat free.

And I’m sticking to that agreement btw. My experience with trying natural deodorants has been that they smell is great and it lasts all day. The sweat smell does not sneak through one bit. In fact, it smells so good that I honestly would keep wearing it just for that alone. I also went back to the store a couple days after to smell the other scents and see if they were as good. (Spoiler-yes, they are all amazing and I had to FIGHT myself to not buy the Rose and Juniper). So for those days when you aren’t worried about letting the sweat do its thing, or if you’re interested in switching to natural deodorant altogether, I would HIGHLY recommend you get yourself down to a store (I got mine from Target for $7.99) and just smell them. It’s seriously just such a treat to yourself to go about your day smelling this awesome, subtle scent and knowing that by using this lovely smelling product you are also doing something healthful for yourself. Gives #treatyoself a whole new meaning, yeah?

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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