Dr Andrew Weil for Origins – Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Smoothing Treatment Lotion – Review

The Intro

So I’ve been wanting to do a review on this product for a while now but I’ve been putting it off for a very odd reason.

You see, I love the product and I use it religiously, every day at least twice and usually more throughout the day. It’s one of my favorite skincare routine steps, I look forward to it always and I’ve never thought of not using it. You know when you find a new skincare product and you love it but then you start seeing other products and wondering if they are better? That always happens to me, I live for finding the next great thing and I am hardly ever completely satisfied with one product. However, in the case of Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Smoothing Treatment, I have found a new life partner and I have settled down, fully committed. Is it possible to have a monogamous relationship with a skincare product? Not the perfect comparison, I know, but this happenstance is just so rare for me, I don’t even know how to properly describe what is going on.

Now here’s where it takes a strange turn, I love this stuff, I’ve proven that. But when it comes down to telling you why I love it so much, I struggle. Usually, with a product, I can quickly assess from all possible angles what it’s doing to my skin and exactly why I like or dislike something. Not so with Mega-Mushroom.

Have you ever had a skincare product where you just knew that your skin was better because of it? It’s like it does a little bit of everything I guess…my skin is smoother, it’s tighter, brighter, fewer blemishes, makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer…but then there’s something more and the only way I can think to describe it is to compare it to a skin smoothing filter. The good ones like on Snapchat. That’s actually the perfect example. So think of Mega-Mushroom like a Snapchat filter, it just magically makes your skin better. You apply it and then you look at your skin and are like Holy cow, is that my skin? Dang. Maybe I can skip foundation today.

Then after using this more and more, you start to develop a real arrogance complex and think your skin is a gift to all those who are blessed to see it. You get angered if someone gets near enough to get a glimpse and doesn’t immediately dole out compliments. Consider yourself warned.

Now I’m not saying it’s a magic cure-all and it’ll fix any skin issues you have, I’m just saying that it will without any doubt, make your skin better in an incredible way that can only be compared to the magic that is the ever Holy Snapchat filter. (Seriously, GOD BLESS whoever invented those. You are doing the Lord’s work).

The Down and Dirty Details

Mega-Mushroom is described as a light refreshing lotion. Well, it’s watery as in like, straight water. I feel like it’s more of a toner. I always apply to dry skin using a cotton pad. I like to use it either right after cleansing my face with a Micellar water if I’m in a hurry, or if I’m doing a more full routine, I’ll apply it after I have exfoliated my skin. I then put my serums, oils, moisturizers, etc over after (aka the heavier products). It’s made with Reishi, Chaga and Coprinus mushrooms which are said to combat dryness and redness by soothing and calming the skin. It’s pH-balanced and alcohol-free. It also contains a probiotic ferment that helps balance out the microbiomes of our skin. That just sounds so cool, am I right? One more tiny thing, it helps with antioxidizing. #totalpackage

The Pros and Cons

Pros: I’m not going to do a whole breakdown like I usually do. It’s awesome. It’s magic in a green bottle. It uses super rad ingredients that have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries (hello cool factor). It smells good. It feels even better. It comes in a good size bottle, seriously, you get 6.7 ounces and it costs $34.00. I feel like they totally could have ripped us off by giving a smaller bottle and charging more because I have definitely purchased products that claim to do some of the things Mega-Mushrooms does and paid way more for a tiny little vile only to be disappointed that it hardly worked at all. Not so with Mega-Mushrooms, it exceeds all expectations and then some. I think it’s a darned good value money wise and if I had to super cut back on my skincare budget, I would NOT downsize on this bad boy. It also lasts really well, I’d say with daily application, my first bottle lasted about two months (and this was when I was using it more than twice a day for the most part). My second bottle, I’ve used less frequently (twice a day with the very occasional three) and it’s going on its third month with about a third of the liquid left to go. Another great thing is that it’s listed under Sephora’s Clean at Sephora products, meaning that it’s free of that nasties often found in skincare like parabens (preservatives), sulfates, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, durability, and longevity), mineral oil, coal tar, and triclosan just to name a few.

So, Since I just talked about a really serious topic, here’s a lighter one. This product is ON trend. It’s currently cooler than cool. Mushrooms aren’t just trending to be cool either, they are popping up all over the skincare scene because they are working and people are falling in love with their results. Anytime you can get a natural plant-based product to work as well as one with harmful chemicals (and especially when the plant-based work BETTER than the alternatives), you have a real winner. So jump on the mushroom train now so that in a few years time you can humblebrag that you were into mushrooms before they were cool. 😉

Cons: None. I mean I’d love it if it was free or way, way cheaper. I’d drain the pool and refill it with this and bathe in it daily. But that’s not a con silly, that’s just me being crazy.

The Tips and Tricks

Use it. All day (a couple times throughout the day as per your skincare routine), every day. I like using it with cotton pads, I’m sure cotton balls would work as well. I’ve used paper towels when I ran out of the cotton. Sephora says you can use your fingers, but that hasn’t really worked for me because it’s so watery. Just use it, people, get it on your skin in whatever way you want to. Report back if it’s an entertaining way.

Link to filter-like magical skincare saver.

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