A Great Sunscreen, if You’re Okay With Being The Ghost of White-Cast Past

The Intro 

I’m torn. On the one hand, Missha’s Safe Block SPF 50 is an amazing sunscreen for those of us with oily skin, it was definitely one of the best mattifying sunscreens I’ve ever tried in fact. But, on the other hand, it leaves you looking like Casper the ghost, and no amount of bronzer will be able to mask the white-cast.

The Down and Dirty on a Beautiful SPF with a Glaring White-Cast Problem

Missha’s All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero SUN EX 50+ goes for $11.99 for 50 ml of product on Target.com

The packaging is as cute as it gets. I love the baby turquoise color and the silver lettering and lid. The important factor is the that SPF 50+ though. Can I get a hell yeah?! I am definitely here for it. It says zero sebum and as an oily-skinned girl, I can gladly attest to this. It’s as good as it gets with controlling oil, truly one of the best at oil control SPFs around. But unfortunately, it has a nasty little secret (well, it’s glaringly obvious actually), the white-cast. It’s well, aggressive. Which brings me to the scoring below.

The Scoring 7.5/10 

Missha Safe Block
You can really see the white-cast in the last picture.

If the white-cast was not an issue, I’d give a full 10. I’d definitely be reaching for this SPF on the daily, but the glaring ghost face isn’t something I try for often. I love the way this SPF controls my oiliness, it’s simply fabulous at mattifying and also blurring pores too. I love the smoothing effect and how great it looks under makeup, due to the mattifying powers it also makes for a great primer, helping your makeup last for hours and hours. But the white-cast is as strong as that gets as well. It will make you look like Casper, there’s no sugar-coating it. In fact, the first time I wore it I thought I could apply a foundation that was a little too dark for my skin tone and apply heaps of bronzer to cancel out the whiteness, boy was I wrong. Even after all the bronzing makeup, my husband was convinced that I was ill with the way Safe Block made my skin look. Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered a way to mitigate this issue, but I will keep trying because I just love the mattification factor so much. Until then, I’ll only be using this SPF on days and occasions where the Casper effect won’t be a problem.

You know the rest, pros and cons: great at mattification and pore blurring, but also great at making you look like a sickly extra for a ghost film. Tips and Tricks…I am still trying to figure that one out. I’ve tried all my bronzers, I’ve tried foundations 1,2,3 shades too dark, and I’m experimenting with applying it over self-tans…nothing yet can beat the white-cast into submission. If I find a solution, you can be sure I’ll report on it right away though. 

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